Patient eXperience in Healthcare: 4-hours briefing


4-hours introduction to our expertise in Patient Experience in Healthcare digital processes

This briefing focuses on how the Patient Relationship Management (PRM) can serve as the cornerstone of clinical processes for healthcare providers, structuring the complete Patient Journey proactively, from the patient's initial contact with healthcare facilities to episodes of care and follow-up visits.

The PRM approach proposed by Cluster Reply:

  • Addresses the challenges that healthcare professionals face and is rooted in our core principles: patient-centricity and continuous support for healthcare professionals.
  • Facilitates collaboration among healthcare professionals, providing access to diverse information from anywhere, at any time, and on any device, while safeguarding sensitive information and meeting compliance standards.
  • Is built upon a set of targeted solutions and technologies, primarily leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service (and/or Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and/or Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing), along with other Microsoft technologies. The goal is to support patients' needs throughout their journeys and enhance the relationship between patients and healthcare providers.

  • This no-obligation informational briefing is tailored for healthcare providers, offering our PRM approach to the healthcare digitalization. It provides an opportunity to assess how this approach can be adapted and applied to their specific processes.


    • General overview and presentation of PRM solutions
    • In-depth exploration of core capabilities and key features of each PRM solution
    • On demand cost evaluation for implementing PRM solutions within the participants' company processes.


    • Healthcare Mission
    • Patient and Healthcare provider needs
    • The Patient Journey
    • PRM features and benefits
    • Enabling technologies

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