Power BI ‘Accelerator’: 1-Hour Brief


Free 1-Hour assessment on how to use Power BI by industry leading partner, trainer, and thought leaders.

This service aims to enable organisations to unify and unlock more value from their data, in order to drive greater business insights, helping to bridge the gap between data and decision making through the implementation and adoption of Power BI.

Benefits • Quickly unlock the power and value of your data. • Reduce cost, complexity and challenges of multiple analytics systems, and conquer data both structured and unstructured. • Quickly access the data held within your organisation and generate powerful insights. • Drive a data culture with amazing data experiences. • Gain a holistic view of the data across your business. • Increase productivity and lower your total cost of ownership by reducing your time to insights. • Make sense of data and drive confident decisions without relying on specialised skills. • Discover hidden insights and understand what influences your organisation. • Tell your data story with hundreds of data connectors and visual options. • Expedite decision making backed by live dashboards and a single source of truth.

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