Catalyst 1-Day Envisioning Workshop - Healthcare

SkyPoint Cloud, Inc.

Envision your future in healthcare with Microsoft Catalyst, an envisioning and planning workshop that employs Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Power Platform, delivered by SkyPoint Cloud

Better care starts with healthy data Healthcare is evolving with increased patient expectations, an aging population, a global shortage in healthcare workers, and the pressure to keep healthcare data secure, compliant and up to date with the latest technologies. In this new reality, how do you envision the future state of your organization? Build your transformation strategy with the Microsoft Catalyst framework delivered by SkyPoint Cloud—a proven and powerful approach to driving innovation.

Key healthcare challenges our experts can help resolve: • Staffing, Retention & Burnout • Value-Based Care • Population Health • Interoperability • Revenue Cycles • Manual Processes • Patient Experiences • Regulatory & Privacy Compliance (HIPAA)

Microsoft Catalyst: A Strategic Framework, Delivered by SkyPoint Build, plan, and execute business transformation strategies with a proven, innovative approach from Microsoft Catalyst—an envisioning and planning framework that employs Microsoft Dynamics 365, the Microsoft Power Platform, and the Microsoft Cloud.

How it works: Your business transformation starts with an I.D.E.A.

As part of Catalyst, meet with our SkyPoint Cloud experts for a 1-day envisioning workshop, where we can ideate together using design-led thinking concepts and jointly define how to enable the digital transformation of your organization. This one-day briefing starts with a review of your business objectives, followed by mutual discovery and visualization of solutions, ending with a clear, actionable picture of how we can help you reach your business goals. You'll learn what's possible when fully leveraging Microsoft's Power Platform ecosystem, including Power Automate, Power Apps, and Power BI.

  1. Inspire Envisioning Workshop Start by finding the transformation strategy that’s right for you. Define and prioritize your strategy using development activities, then foster ideation and drive decision making with an envisioning workshop.

  2. Design - Business Value & Solution Assessment Next, we work to build a compelling case for change by discussing business and technological impact. During this, you'll quantify the ROI and financial benefits that include revenue growth, cost savings, and employee efficiencies.

  3. Empower - Solution Demonstration Help others across your organization see the value in your business transformation story by creating visual assets and immersive experiences—promoting buy-in and getting alignment on commitments.

  4. Achieve - Transformation Plan In this final stage, go from envisioning to execution. Bring in the resources you need to execute your strategy and carry out your business transformation across departments—and then measure its success.

Improving Patient Outcomes Starts with Your Data & SkyPoint Cloud

SkyPoint Cloud is a Data and AI platform that helps unify patient records, meet interoperability requirements, and optimize the patient journey using the Microsoft ecosystem to power these 4 healthcare solutions:

• Business Intelligence: Analyze and visualize your data to make better business decisions using Power BI • Artificial Intelligence: Automate insights and predict outcomes • Process Automation: Automate manual processes to improve operational efficiency using Power Automate • Data Governance: Stand up a Center of Excellence for data with a pragmatic governance program

Many organizations have a strong need for a technology partner who can help them prioritize where to start investing and rethink how digital may transform their business. Microsoft Catalyst, facilitated, and delivered by the data experts at SkyPoint Cloud fills that role to bring data and people together.

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