Modern Finance with Power BI: 2-Wk Proof of Concept

Smartbridge, LLC

Modern financial metrics for CFOs and executive leadership, management, and business units.

Generate modern Power BI reports using data migrated from enterprise systems such as ERP, CRM and other data sources. This proof of concept can showcase what a full implementation can provide. Generate insights from the data currently available in traditional databases such as SQL, partitioned SQL, and more. Start your journey towards leveraging modern architecture and interactive and insightful dashboards. We'll end this engagement by giving you steps to get there.

A POC for a modern Financial Dashboard can help you envision, illustrate and plan for:

  • Minimizing the CFO office workload
  • Reducing mundane, repetitive tasks and the human touch points that are needed for regular reporting
  • Providing visibility for company leadership (outside CFO office) in terms of financial metrics and the future potential
  • Enabling human-assisted AI for accurate financial forecasting, monitoring and actionable outcomes for financial success of the company

This POC will include:

  1. One enterprise reporting Power BI dashboard with three levels of views, limited to 2 underlying reports
  2. Functional and technical design document for data integration and data mart loads that support the POC report
  3. Best practices in enterprise Power BI platform deployment, data modeling and DAX logic

About Smartbridge

Smartbridge is a Microsoft Data & AI Solutions Partner and a data & analytics consultancy, established in 2003.

Smartbridge provides the strategy, implementation, and support to bring your digital agenda to reality. With digital innovation and analytics, you will establish a sharper understanding of your customer’s needs. Automation and modernization will propel you to your goals of operating as a mature digital ecosystem.

The Smartbridge culture is founded on an understanding of customer challenges, coupled with an empathetic approach. It is endorsed with a track record of providing exceptional experiences driven by our thought leadership.

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