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SAP Spend Analytics: 6-Wk Proof of Concept

SPR Consulting

An engagement designed to empower you to make impactful, cost-saving decisions by managing your organization’s overall spend on vendors and materials.

Visualizing spend across your organization empowers managers to make impactful decisions. By reviewing how much has been spent during any given time period, you are better equipped to control how you spend money and who you spend it with. As an outcome of reviewing company spend on material, for example, you have the insight to reach discount thresholds and attain global discounts.

SPR’s 6-week solution (true time commitment is based on complexity) is best for organizations who have access to company data stored in SAP.



We work with you to understand your spend analytics goals and seek to understand how you capture and store your data.


We extract the data from the source (in this case SAP) and transform it into the necessary format.


We build a custom data model that will be the foundation for all visualizations and reports.


We deliver the working solution, enabling you to view spend data by location, region, and business unit.


The Spend Analytics solution enables you to:

  • Identify enterprise-wide savings opportunities
  • Identify opportunities by business unit
  • Identify opportunities by category and commodity
  • Reduce supplier risks
  • Ensure compliance to approved contracted/preferred suppliers
  • Improve processes by gaining insight into real time data