Dynamics 365 Implementation


Dynamics 365 mplementation for your organization: we’ll assist you in implementing a reliable, efficient, and user-friendly ERP system

We support both large enterprises and smaller organizations with their Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation projects, offering our expertise, know-how and industry knowledge which guarantees scalability, security, and confidence with every implementation.

Benefits of implementing Dynamics 365

Industry knowledge combined with our experience allows us to improve and develop our solutions and services. We offer full transparency, resources, methodology, tools and techniques, utilizing the expertise and knowledge of the entire team in the most effective and proven way.

A cloud-based (or on-prem) and always an up-to-date set of business apps

There is no need to invest in a system upgrade or adapt applications to current market trends. It’s all done under Microsoft’s One Version policy.

Functionalities dedicated to various markets

Whether you need better control over the advancement of work in progress, an omnichannel experience for your customers, or fraud protection for your sales processes – you get it all with Dynamics 365 implementation.

Market advantages

You minimize the costs of IT support and maintenance. Your business has immediate access to reliable information. You can also improve scalability, increase savings, and reduce the adoption and cycle time of all your processes.

How it’s done

Our implementation methodology lets you break away from the red tape related to paper project documentation. With us, you can focus on modern technologies and tools. This way, we ensure not only the confidentiality but also the integrity of your project info and data.


Using tailored and agile IT project tools, we keep the interaction and feedback time to a bare minimum. At the same time, we are able to communicate with all the parties involved on an ongoing basis and take care of precise documentation of all project phases and events with no need to rewrite it.

CRP methodology

With CRP (Conference Room Pilot) methodology, we make sure that the impact on the schedule and the budget of your implementation project is swiftly and accurately documented so that you do not need to worry about doing this yourself. All your legal, technical, and utility documentation is created automatically, and you have full control and access to it throughout the project.

Implementation project steps

  1. Preparation and planning – making sure the team understand what’s going on and are ready for changes.

  2. Procedure review – an extensive review of all capabilities and functions of your current ERP

  3. Data preparation – defining which existing data should be migrated to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 system

  4. Testing and training – practicing with a test database, which contains real transaction data from a certain period of time (e.g. a week)

  5. Go-live checklist – making sure that everything works as expected

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