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Start administering your incoming documents with our NAV Online Invoice system connector.

Do you have a lot of incoming documents (invoices, credit memos), that are time-consuming to process? Has it ever happened that you missed a due date of an invoice because the paper-based invoice arrived too late? Would you like to get rid of the data errors caused by manual data entry?

The connector allows the bulk query of incoming invoices that have been issued to Your company. You can view the details of the selected purchase invoices in the queried list. Vendors of the purchase invoices can be automatically paired to the existing Vendors in the system, you can also use attachments with the documents. A purchase invoice can be easily created from the incoming document based on the imported data, which can be further processed. 

Features included in the app for free:

  • Query invoices issued to the company by specifying a date interval
  • From the queried list, the details of the selected invoices are retrieved at the head and line-level (dates, amounts, item numbers, quantities depending on and as they exist in the data received)
  • In the list, you can mark incorrect invoices to avoid further processing
  • Together with importing the details, the vendor number is automatically paired based on the vat number received, if the Vendor exists in the system
  • Possibility to attach files, hyperlinks (e.g. scanned invoice, certificate of completion, etc.) to the incoming document
  • Automatically create a purchase invoice or credit memo from the imported document for further processing
  • Log communication with the Online Invoice system
  • Archive incoming documents

Features available only with a paid subscription (will be published in a later release*):

  • Automatically create vendors based on the data received, using vendor templates.
  • Map the imported line data with the item numbers and G/L numbers in the system.
  • The possibility to specify posting templates assigned to vendors to automatically set/split invoice line information (e.g., splitting by dimensions).
  • The possibility to pair a purchase receipt to the lines of the imported invoice.
  • Automate the querying of invoices issued to the company

*Check admin center regularly for updates!

Supported Editions

This app supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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Supported Languages

The app is available in Hungarian (Hungary) and English (United States)

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