Astena Real Estate Manager

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a business solution for projectmanagement, projectaccounting, development & time registration

Improve project workflow, preparation, administrative obligations, project management and financial overview to ensure margin management with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central based solution Real Estate Manager.

Real Estate Manager comes with a wide range of features and is used by general and specialised real estate businesses. Get a complete real-time operations and accounting package, and effectively track and manage your inventories, under construction projects, billing, sales, purchase, contacts, and much more.

For who

  • Residential and commercial real estate businesses.
  • Construction business with development entity.

Key features

  • Manage multiple projects and get the progress report for each project.
  • Three structured property visualisation.
  • Application of the ‘Wet Breyne’.
  • Manage complex financial schedules and milestones.
  • Selecting different unit finishing and materials options.


  • Keep project KPI’s at your fingertips.
  • Learn how the next project can be more profitable.
  • Complete more work orders per day.
  • Share project details with the team indoor, on site colleagues, partners and customers.

Supported Editions:
The app supports the Essentials and Premium Editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported Countries:

Supported Languages:
This app is available in Dutch (Belgium), French (Belgium) and English (United States).

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