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Item management based on an integration with 2BA

The 2BA goal is: 'Collecting, validating, managing and distributing high-quality product and related trade data for a variety of market segments such as installation business, construction, system integrators, machine manufacturers and the maritime sector. 'The key issue in this goal is data quality.'

2BA Integration is an end-to-end application from Bluace to access this data. With 2BA Integration, item management is made easy thanks to the extensive information available. Technically oriented organizations can manage their item data via the 2BA Datapool without leaving the BC environment. The time-consuming purchasing process is automated. You are always aware of the latest changes, such as product specifications, prices and expected delivery times.

Functionalities of the 2BA Integration

The use of the 2BA coupling has several advantages. Thanks to the 2BA Integration, you can directly look up products from the 2BA Unifeed from your environment. Subsequently, all product-related information is made available, such as the various suppliers with associated prices, item numbers, and current delivery times. In addition, you have insight into the current technical specifications of the product so that you can immediately assess whether the item meets the requirements. For further technical specifications, there is always a URL available to the manufacturer's website for any manuals and extensive technical information. Furthermore, an image of the requested items is uploaded.

Available item data from the 2BA data pool

  • Item number
  • Technical specifications
  • Available suppliers
  • Price of the product
  • Delivery times
  • Minimum order quantity
  • URL with a link to the manufacturer for manuals
  • Image of the product

Correct item data

After selecting the suitable supplier, item creation is handled by the system. Specifications of the item are taken from the 2BA Unifeed and filled in automatically. The information about the product that is relevant to the organization, such as price and delivery times, is updated periodically and automatically. It is also possible to update real-time information from the 2BA Unifeed at the push of a button. You are always aware of the current prices as an organization, and decisions are made based on real-time insights.


During activation, the following information is necessary:

  • 2BA Client ID
  • 2BA Client Secret
  • 2BA User Name
  • 2BA Password

These can be retrieved from your 2BA subscription.


For the pricing of 2BA Integration, contact us.

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