OIXIO GPAIS for Lithuania


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Solution helps the companies to calculate packaging and Waste and report to GPAIS system

Since 2018, undertakings complying with the concepts of the Producer and/or Importer as set out in the Law on Waste Management of the Republic of Lithuania must perform accounting in the Unified Product, Packaging and Waste Record Keeping Information System (hereinafter – GPAIS/PPWIS).

To help companies adapt to these requirements, we have created a package and/or product accounting and integration tool with the GPAIS/PPWIS system for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central systems (ERP).

This tool helps to:
  • optimize accounting execution processes;
  • reduce the costs of the working time for responsible personnel;
  • eliminate the risk of possible violations and sanctions.

Product/packaging flows in which the company‘s activities can be carried out and which can be realized using the packaging tool:
  • Oils;
  • Vehicles;
  • Electrical and electronic equipment;
  • Batteries and accumulators;
  • Taxable Products (tires, non-installed accumulators and batteries, intake air filters of internal combustion engine fuel and lubricants, automotive hydraulic (lubricant) shock absorbers);
Item packaging:
  • single-use packaging filled with products, except for single-use packaging covered by the single-use packaging deposit system;
  • reusable packaging filled with products, except for reusable packaging covered by the reusable packaging deposit system.

The choice of what to account for as an Item Unit depends on the specifics of the company‘s activities. The tool we have developed enables packaging accounting to be carried out according to the fact, i.e., recording how much specific packaging was used for one shipment of items.

Standard solution:
  • A setup wizard that helps prepare the solution for use.
  • Flexible change of standard data collection setting according to needs.
  • Import/update of the GPAIS/PPWIS classificators via the WEB interface.
  • Control of the GPAIS/PPWIS classificators according to GII registration and control of materials according to the package type.
  • Allows you to manage which items in the ERP require to keep records of packaging.
  • The possibility for items to be described and assigned new packaging in the event of a change in the weights or assembly of packaging materials, on a data-compilation basis.
  • Packaging templates that can be used for different document or item shipment packages.
  • Account for the movement of the “empty“ package.
  • Account for the packaging used for “own purposes“.
  • Account for the movement of the “reusable packaging except for deposit“.
  • Collect data for the selected period for FR0524 declaration.
  • Form a summary of Item Units of the analysed period in Excel by materials and their quantities by types of use in tons.
  • Creation of an XML file of Item Units in the ERP system and uploading to the GPAIS/PPWIS system.
  • Creation of a journal with the quantities of Item Units and their import through the Web-Service interface into the GPAIS/PPWIS system.
  • The possibility to declare historical data in the GPAIS/PPWIS system, i.e., from the selected date.

Supported Editions:

The app supports the Essentials and Premium Editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported Countries:

Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania.

Supported Languages:

This app is available in English and Lithuanian.

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