OIXIO SAF-T for Lithuania


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OIXIO SAF-T solution to create standard audit file for Lithuania State Tax Inspectorate (STI)

OIXIO SAF-T for Lithuania solution is designed to create and transfer information to the Lithuania “State Tax Inspectorate” (STI) system’s (i.MAS) i.SAF-T subsystem.

The SAF-T data file - a standard accounting data file, which contains the accounting data of the entity‘s reporting period, exported from the entity‘s accounting information system. The purpose of the file is to standardize the presentation of accounting system data to information users.

Standardized SAF-T ensures the unified presentation of data from accounting systems to the tax administrator, internal and external users and provides prerequisites for automating the processes of data submission, receipt, and verification, improving the quality and reliability of the control actions.

OIXIO SAF-T for Lithuania solution features:

  • The solution has protection so that only dedicated users can create a SAF-T file.
  • Setup Wizard helps the user to configure the solution for the first time and user can start using the solution minutes after installation.
  • For solution configuration the user additionally needs only to link the accounts of the company's General Ledger chart of accounts with the STI chart of accounts classifier.

With this solution you are able:

  • to create of split files.
  • the SAF-T file is additionally divided according to the set file size limitations.
  • formed SAF-T files are archived and ready for loading into the i.SAF-T subsystem.
  • The formation of the SAF-T file is performed as background task, allowing the users to work with the system during file creation.

OIXIO SAF-T for Lithuania solution benefits:

  • Simple parameterization of the solution allows to minimize the time required for preparation and creation of the SAF-T file.
  • The solution maximally eliminates the possibility of errors because it works with the data already accumulated in the system.

Supported Editions:

The app supports the Essentials and Premium Editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported Countries:

Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia.

Supported Languages:

This app is available in English and Lithuanian.

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