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Benefit from an easy and fast interface to connect EVENTIM Tixx-Connect with your ERP system.

Connect Business Central with EVENTIM TIXX

With the new application Sport & Event | Tixx-Connect Interface we easily connect the modules Tixx-Backoffice and Tixx-Connect from the EVENTIM Sports product suite to your ERP system. Benefit from the new interface, which offers you a high-performance, high-availability and secure data exchange.The solution offers new functionalities to query data from EVENTIM‘s Tixx-Backoffice to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC). Master data such as customer data, bank accounts and other important information as well as transaction data (ticket purchases) will be imported from EVENTIM Tixx-Connect. Find more information in our attached brochure below.

Your Benefits:

  • Own interface role center (dashboard) with overview of all tasks
  • Use of Azure resources for interface communication for
    • increase of security
    • unloading the ERP system
    • enable scalability
    • ensure high availability
  • Activation and deactivation of Tixx Connect services directly from Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Standard interface to integrate EVENTIM Tixx to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Efficient and economical adaption of standard interfaces on customer needs
  • Seamless workflow
  • Performant and time scheduled data exchange


The prerequisite for using the solution Sport & Event | Tixx-Connect Interface is the use of the modules Tixx-Backoffice and Tixx-Connect from the EVENTIM Sports Product Suite. EVENTIM is an important long-standing partner to whom we already provide interfaces. Therefore, we are now even more happy that we have been able to expand our partnership and connect another solution with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Additional Azure services are required to run the interface. Please contact our sales department if you need more information or if you would like to receive a quote.

Supported countries: The app is available in Germany, Austria

Supported editions: The app supports the Essentials and Premium Editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.  

Supported languages: The app is available in German (Germany) and English (United States).

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