tegossuite - NA for Electronic Asset Disposition

Autor: ITA WMS Corporation

Waste and Recycling Software for North America

Information about EAD (Electronic Asset Disposition)

What is it?, What does it Solve? First step in ITAD.

Customers who need to breakdown the composition of material coming on an order can now update the order billing and get proper traceability for the originating order using lot tracking. Breakdown for costing are also tracked for proper item costing.


Customer order for an expected load. The load arrives it provides instructions (Treatment Template) how the load needs to be broken down and is provides feedback on the composition of the items. It moves the inventory from a staging area or pallet breakdown into the proper locations for those items. Able to establish both Lots numbers & locations for the items on that order. Pushes the information back to the order for settlement billing to occur. Item costing is also available during the breakdown feedback.

Supported Editions
This app supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported Countries
United States, Canada, and Mexico

Supported Languages
English, French, Spanish

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