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NCR - Non-Conformity/Compliance Report for Internal and Vendor Quality Management

NCR provides a way to track your non-conformity (non-conformance) findings. Each NCR has five different statuses;
  1. Discovery - What are the initial findings and who found it
  2. Analysis - What really happened and what was the root cause of the issue
  3. Actions - What are we doing about it.
  4. Inspection - Make sure all documentation is correct and verified, and that all actions are completed.
  5. Closed
When a Vendor is specified, you can identify the items that were found to be non-conforming, and the reasons. Notifications can be sent to the one assigned to the new status when status is changed.

The "IT Clad Base" extension is a prerequisite and must be installed first. This extension will not install without it, and is required to get a license using the "IT Clad Licenses" page. This extension will work without a license in a Sandbox Environment or Test Company.

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