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Vietnam Localization Pack

Naviworld Vietnam

5.0 (2)

VAS localization package provides local functions to meet Vietnamese accounting regulations.

All businesses operating in Vietnam, mandatory by law, must comply with the Vietnam Accounting System ('VAS') issued by Ministry of Finance ('Circular No. 200/2014/TT-BTC') which demands not only unique accounting standards but also a wide array of business forms and reports in local language that contain sufficiently information as stipulated.

However, many global ERP systems, including Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, do not support either reporting mechanism or report formats to comply with the Vietnam's accounting policies. Subsequently, many enterprises customized their global system which costly and only partially meet the requirements. Some enterprises also use separate local system for regulatory reporting purpose alone and that leads to disconnected systems and un-updated information which seriously impact to their business operation.

NaviWorld Localization for Vietnamese Accounting System

Based on Dynamics 365 Business Central tailored for enterprises operating in Vietnam, VAS Localization Pack does not only help you meet crucial Vietnamese accounting regulation but also add many enhancement and useful functionalities to the standard Business Central software to make your business more efficient.

Why choose NaviWorld VAS Localization Pack?

  • Provide a wide array of reports and functions as required by to the Vietnamese Government Law and regularly updated when regulatory requirements change;
  • Seamlessly operated in different languages included Vietnamese;
  • Proven solution used by hundreds of companies using Microsoft Dynamics in Vietnam.
  • Vietnamese Accounting System Compliances

  • A powerful global solution complies with VAS Regulations;
  • System can be operated in Vietnamese language;
  • Effectively manage accounting tasks and multiple purposes from a single source.
  • International Accounting System Compliance

  • Certified for Microsoft Dynamics;
  • Enhanced efficiency in operating and exploiting Business Centrals;
  • Customized fields and forms in multiple languages for different types of businesses;
  • NaviWorld Vietnam's Corresponding Account functions help you allocate the matching entry into one corresponding entry automatically. Various of reports can subsequently be created detailing your transactions with double-entry accounts information as required by the VAS.
  • Automate reports on government approved templates

  • Provide more than 40 templates of reports & forms;
  • Automated reports into approved templates;
  • Meets all Vietnamese government business reporting and statement.
  • Supported Editions

    This app supports the Essential and Premium editions of Dynamics 365 Business Central

    Supported Countries