Master Data Manager

Autor: Offimac

Synchronize and validate data between an unlimited number of Microsoft Dynamics Central databases.

Offimac Master Data Management

Offimac Master Data Management synchronizes and exchanges data

With Offimac Master Data Management you can synchronize and exchange data between Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central databases and companies. The app helps companies and groups to have consistency in their data, and less work in implementing and managing data.

Offimac Master Data Management enables standardization of data across databases and companies, and provides reliable data for corporate reporting.

Key Features

With Offimac Master Data Management you can create or assign a master company where all master data is maintained. You add companies and select the data to be synchronized. You can replicate data that is stored in Business Central tables, or in other apps and extensions.


· Consistency of data

· Efficiency in data management

· Less work, better quality

· Standardization

· Consistent set of data for operations and reporting

· Centralization

Support Editions

The app supports the Essentials and Premium Editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported countries


Supported languages

This app is available in Dutch (Belgium), French (Belgium) and English (United States).

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