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Manage charity funds and Gift Aid in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Tisski Charity Accounts

The Charity Accounts App provides Charitable organisations with a means of tracking donations received and their charitable funds in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The Charity Accounts App enables charities to easily maintain both unrestricted and designated restricted funds and provides a graphical and drillable report of the status for each charitable fund. This Dynamics 365 Business Central app helps manage designated funds that have passed their expiration dates using a journal batch routine. The Charity Accounts app also provides a batch process to calculate the tax on Gift Aid and provides a report that can be used to help in completing the HMRC Gift Aid Upload Template.

Features and benefits of using this app

  • Identify and manage restricted and unrestricted funds.
  • Identify donations covered by Gift Aid and calculate the Gift Aid amounts that can be claimed.
  • Quick and easy export of donations that can then be used to populate the HMRC Gift Aid template.
  • Calculate the Gift Aid value on the donations received and populate a journal with this amount that can then be posted to a specific G/L Account.


Supported Editions

This extension supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Dynamics 365 Business Central

Supported Countries

United Kingdom

Supported Languages

The app is available in English (United Kingdom)

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