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Autor: Winspire Solutions Pte. Ltd.

B2B Portal with a comprehensive suite of features designed to elevate your business operations

Introducing our cutting-edge B2B Customer Portal, seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, available now on AppSource. Elevate your business operations with a comprehensive suite of features designed to enhance efficiency, security, and user experience.

Key Features:

  1. Real-Time Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: Enjoy instantaneous data synchronization, ensuring that your portal reflects the latest updates from Dynamics 365 Business Central.

  2. Secured Login and Data Transmission: Rest easy knowing that your data is secure. Our robust security measures guarantee a protected environment for your sensitive information.

  3. Dual Authentication with OTP (Optional): Opt for an extra layer of security with dual authentication, including the option for one-time passwords for added peace of mind.

  4. 3-Tier Architecture: Benefit from a structured and scalable architecture, ensuring optimal performance and flexibility as your business grows.

  5. Customer Management:

    • Login to Existing Customer: Streamlined access for returning customers.
    • New Customer Registration with Approval: Efficient onboarding with a straightforward registration process, subject to approval.
    • Forgot Password: Hassle-free password recovery for users.
    • Change Password: Empower users to manage their account security effortlessly.
  6. Dynamic Brand Display: Showcase your brands prominently for an enhanced user experience.

  7. Multi-Currency Support: Cater to a global audience by offering transactions in multiple currencies.

  8. Setup-Based Banners: Display banners based on your business needs for promotions, announcements, or special offers.

  9. Product Management:

    • New Arrivals: Highlight the latest additions to your product catalog.
    • Frequently Ordered Items: Streamline the ordering process with easy access to commonly purchased items.
    • Quick Searching: Swiftly find products with an efficient search feature.
  10. User Information and Statistics: Provide users with insights into their account activities, preferences, and order history.

  11. Product Exploration:

    • Two-Level Explore of Product Categories: Navigate through a well-organized product hierarchy.
    • Product Attributes and Filters: Enhance the search experience with detailed attributes and multiple filters.
  12. Product Details and Catalog: Comprehensive information on product details and a user-friendly catalog for an engaging shopping experience.

  13. Product Comparison, Wish List, and Shopping Cart: Empower users to make informed decisions with comparison tools and easily manage their shopping list.

  14. Shipping and Payments:

    • Shipping Addresses: Manage multiple shipping addresses effortlessly.
    • Available Credit Limit Display: Keep users informed about their credit limits.
    • Sales Order and Payment Gateway: Seamless processing of sales orders and secure payment gateways.
  15. Order Tracking:

    • Posted Sales Shipments: Track the status of shipped orders.
    • Posted Sales Invoices: Access and review posted sales invoices conveniently.
  16. Financial Insights:

    • Ledger and Account Statement: Gain financial clarity with ledger information and detailed account statements.
    • Outstanding Statement: Keep track of outstanding payments for better financial management.
  17. Communication:

    • Email Notifications: Stay connected with users through timely notifications for new registrations and order submissions.
  18. Reviews and Rating: Foster customer engagement by allowing users to share their feedback and rate products.

Revolutionize your B2B interactions with the power of our integrated B2B Customer Portal, designed to enhance productivity, security, and customer satisfaction. Elevate your business to new heights – get started today!

Supported Editions:

This solution supports the Essential and Premium Editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported Country:

This solution is available in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

Supported Languages:

This solution is available in English (United States).

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