Wisefish Norway Factoring Connector

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ERP solution for the seafood industry

Wisefish Norway is a localized version of Wisefish for the Norwegian market. Wisefish is an ERP software designed and developed solely for primary and value-added seafood processors, distributors, traders, and fishing operations.

Wisefish Factoring Connector

The Wisefish Factoring connector is necessary to connect delivery agreements in Wisefish to Wisefish Norway Factoring.

Why Wisefish Norway Factoring?

Wisefish Norway Factoring is a solution to help companies manage their accounts receivable. This product allows companies to create factoring transaction files to upload to their bank or credit institution. With Norway Factoring, companies can free up capital and increase liquidity quickly by selling their accounts receivable to a credit institution or a bank. The institution then takes over the responsibility for the invoices and pays 80-90% of the accounts receivable right away. The remaining 10-20% is paid when the customer pays the invoice in full to the bank, minus the bank's fees and interest. With Wisefish Norway Factoring, companies can easily and quickly manage their accounts receivable and maximize their liquidity.

Supported Editions:

This app supports both Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported Countries:


Supported Languages:

Norwegian, Bokmål (Norway) and English (United States)

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