SylogistGov ERP

Autor: Sylogist- LTD.

Purpose built ERP for local governments with a population under 200,000.

Purpose built ERP for local governments with a population under 200,000.

SylogistGov ERP, powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and tailored for communities under 200,000 population, offers a seamless cloud-based platform with integrated features that streamline operations, promote collaboration, ensure transparency, enhance citizen involvement, and protect data through advanced cybersecurity measures. By leveraging the extensive Microsoft ecosystem, local governments can improve communication, data analysis, decision-making, resource allocation, and collaboration, ultimately contributing to the growth and well-being of their communities while providing better services to residents.

SylogistGov ERP includes:

  • Financial Management - This comprehensive suite of functionalities serves as the financial nerve center, unifying and optimizing financial data, enhancing revenue collection, promoting transparency in cash transactions, and simplifying procurement and payment procedures. It further simplifies compliance, fortifies asset management, and offers robust budgeting and forecasting tools, empowering municipalities with effective financial management.
  • Grant Management - Effectively oversee and monitor grant funds, ensuring rigorous compliance with the stipulations set by the grantor.
  • Payroll / HR - Our integrated payroll system guarantees precise and punctual payroll processing, compliance with legal and tax regulations, and offers a consolidated perspective on employee data, compensation, and benefits.
  • Taxation - Empowers officials with efficient property management by harnessing an integrated GIS system and historical assessment data for effective inquiry handling. It aids in property value determination, tax bill generation, and overdue account tracking. Moreover, it facilitates property sales tracking and provides tools for informed tax levy scenario analysis, equipping officials with comprehensive capabilities for streamlined property management.
  • Utilities - Efficiently captures and oversees consumption data from utility meters, assisting in rate determination and accurate bill generation tied to consumption. This system also manages consumer-related tasks, such as connections and disconnections. Moreover, it plays a vital role in supervising the development and maintenance of rural electrical infrastructure, guaranteeing a reliable power supply to remote communities. It effectively addresses challenges like extended transmission distances and interactions with wildlife.
  • Licensing - Efficiently streamlines the process of license and permit applications for both residents and businesses. This includes online submission, easy fee management, real-time updates, and the ability to download approvals. It also empowers users with independent application tracking, payment options, document uploads, and renewal services. Moreover, it effectively manages inspections, expiration reminders, and, when necessary, enforcement actions, including fines and penalties.
  • Citizen Portal - Empower your citizens with a versatile community portal that seamlessly integrates with taxation, utility billing, and licensing systems. This one-stop platform offers residents access to a tailored array of information, services, and transactions designed to align with the municipality's distinct needs and identity.
  • Gravel - Optimize gravel management with enhanced tools for tracking, purchasing and financial oversight of gravel resources.
  • GIS & Data Integration - This feature set includes ARC GIS integrations, offering foundational mapping, seamless data connectivity, and a PowerBI connector to elevate data visualization and analysis capabilities.
  • Analytics & Reporting - Elevate your decision-making with the analytics module, providing invaluable insights, streamlined reporting, and enhanced operational transparency. With customizable dashboards, pre-built report templates, and ad hoc reporting, your decision-making process becomes data-driven and highly efficient. You can also create organizational-specific dashboards and KPIs, utilize multidimensional worksheets with drill-to-detail capabilities, and craft tailored reports seamlessly through the report library and ad hoc reporting, making use of pre-built templates.

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