Compliance Field Validation

2-Control B.V.

Setup flexible data quality business rules in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Field Validation is a 2-Control B.V. extension and provides the solution for implementing flexible data quality business rules for all your master data.

We enable you to set up a more reliable Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central environment.

Many companies have a daily struggle with keeping their (master) data reliable. In many cases, incomplete or incorrect master data leads to errors in the daily processes, often costing a lot of time, money and resources to solve. The Field Validation app enables you to make sure the data is correctly and completely entered at the source, thereby ensuring that your core business processes run smoothly.

Setup data quality business rules on every table, even with related tables
With a decent setup of data quality rules on your master data you can enhance the reliability of the automated information processing of your organization.

With the Field Validation app you can:
  1. Easily setup validation rules for every field, like mandatory, filter or length rules.
  2. Field Validations are subject to conditions, so you can perfectly control when the data has to be validated.
  3. Conditions can be setup on related tables, which gives a huge advantage in controlling the validation moment.
  4. Validations can be setup on related tables, like ensuring at least one sales price is entered before releasing an item or validating sales lines before releasing an order.
  5. Validate the default dimension setup at master data level.
  6. Setup init values for records so the conditions are initially setup (like blocking an item on insert).
  7. For existing records, easily check if these records match