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One step solution for maintaining equipment/tools/plants in Business central.

NB Assets Is an add-on that provides a solution for any industry to maintain its equipment and tools in factories or plants. The main goal for the maintenance module is to make the equipment work in optimal condition. With proper maintenance there will be less production loss and equipments can be effectively utilized.

The Add-on solution covers two major areas for maintenance preventive maintenance and breakdown maintenance.

  • Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance covers all planned maintenance that is carried out to prevent the occurrence of failure before they develop into a Breakdown or interruption in production. Preventive Maintenance shall occur based on defined Periodicity or based on Utilization.

  • Breakdown Maintenance

Breakdown maintenance happens when failure occurs which requires repair or replacement of the equipment or components.

Features and Functionality

  • Managing the maintenance schedules got easier

The maintenance APP has a flexible feature to configure the periodic maintenance interval on the system. The schedule can be either based on the equipment usage (kilometers run for a vehicle for eg or number of papers in a copier) or on date intervals.

  • Capture every single component used for the maintenance

You can track the components which are consumed for repairing the equipment and historical data of components used against each breakdown of the material, is available for reporting.

  • Get Automatic Updates on Maintenance

Get automatic updates for maintaining the tools and equipment. It can be the reminder for preventive maintenance or the Breakdown maintenance order details can be emailed to the team.

This Add-on module on Business Central can be configured easily with flexible functionalities to support multiple business processes for Equipment/tools/plant maintenance.

Pricing: 100 USD per month (for upto 10 users); For further details, pls contact

Supported countries:
United Arab Emirates, United States, United Kingdom, India.

Supported Languages:
This App is available in English (UK) and English (US)

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