Mekorma Electronic Signatures

Autor: Mekorma Enterprises, Inc.

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Print payables checks with automated electronic signatures based on check payment amount

This app is the Electronic Signatures component of the Payment Hub Suite of apps. For full information see Business Apps – Microsoft AppSource.

What to install

For Mekorma Payment Hub Starter or Classic, install Mekorma Payment Hub and Mekorma Electronic Signatures. Note that in the early access release the subscription fee is the same $950 for access to both. Starting with version 1.0, you will subscribe to one of the tiers based on the feature set you choose, $1,500 for Starter and $5,650 for Classic.

For Mekorma Payment Hub Optimized, install Mekorma Payment Hub, Mekorma Remote Payment Services, Mekorma Electronic Signatures and Mekorma Electronic Signatures for MEM if you are using MEM from Binary Stream. Subscription fee is $2,950 for version .5. Will rise to $6,950 for version 1.0.

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