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CGI Consistent Data Distribution

CGI Danmark A/S

CDD solution is built to address the requirements of data distribution between the legal entities.


CDD is an IP developed by CGI Denmark. CDD is about maintaining consistent data between a master data company and other legal entities. Global and default values are pushed/ copied from master data company to selected legal entities. It is possible to select field by field whether the value is local, global or default. Global values cannot be edited by users in the target companies and new records cannot be created.

CDD enforces data governance on field level and secures a high data quality.

Consistency feature checks for differences in global fields between source and target companies.

Business processes managed by CDD and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations:

  • Push data from master data company (source) to legal entities (target)
  • Pull data from master data company (source) from legal entities (target)
  • Log push and pull activities
  • Consistency check between master data company and legal entities using X++
  • Consistency check between master data company and legal entities using SQL
  • Manual/ Batch processing Bulk data can be pushed manually from master data company to legal entities (Target) Via Batch Creation
  • Delete Functionality to delete master data records of Target company and source company
  • Pre assessment of data, Pre-configured data entities

D365 for finance and operations customers can leverage this solution. The pain of transferring the data from one legal entity to multiple entities in D365 for finance and operations has been addressed. This horizontal solution on D365 finance & operations can be used by any industries like Manufacturing, finance, retail, distribution and health etc. for the data distribution between the legal entities. LCS tools has been extensively used and release packages can be downloaded by the partners or customers from the Asset library. In D365 for Finance and operations, Data governance and field wise controlling are unique features which are not available as similar solution elsewhere.

Please email us for assistance: support.cdd@cgi.com