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Chilean main standards and tributary policies defined by the SII for Dynamics 365 Operations

Chilean Fiscal Layer contains the following main groups of functionalities. The localization allows the configuration required by the (SII) in legal entities and master entities like prospects, customers, vendors and employees. In addition, when creating a prospect, customer, vendor or employee the localization suggest the RUT check digit.

The localization transversely interacts with the following transactional Microsoft

Dynamics 365 modules:

    - General Ledger

    - Sales And Marketing

    - Procurement and Sourcing

    - Fixed Assets

    - Account Payable

    - Account Receivable

    - Project Management and Accounting

The books included:

    - 8 Columns Balance

    - Major book

    - Diary book

    - Sales book

    - Purchase book

    - Fee book

Supported document types in sales are:

    - Electronic packing slip

    - Electronic billing for affected or sales tax exemption

    - Payment of invoices

    - Notes affected or electronic credit sales tax exemption

In order to facilitate the identification of the parameters required by the location, all its configuration are grouped together in a single module called Latinamerica Version. Likewise, the generation of fiscal reports, inquiries or independent processes were grouped in this module.

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