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DXC Revenue Recognition

DXC Technology

Subscriptions, Auto-renewals, Allocations, VSOE/BESP, Recurring Billing, Bundles, Deferred Revenue

The DXC Revenue Recognition solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations provides integrated revenue recognition, contract and billing functionality to help manage the challenges posed by complex agreements in today’s organizations.

Highlighted Features

  • Tracks contract pricing and terms while enabling price changes
  • Delivers accurate revenue recognition for multiple element arrangements (contracts including both product and services)
  • Manages revenue across contracts
  • Performs fair value allocations
  • Manages contract modifications including resulting reallocations and revenue adjustments
  • Automates renewal process and adjusts for changes to pricing
  • Manages subscriptions
  • Meets new FASB (ASC 606) and IASB (IRFS 15) standards with optional double set of books
  • Identifies missed billing opportunities
  • Provides separate billing and revenue recognition
  • Supports bundled part billing at parent level and accounting at child level
  • Can be configured to support VSOE/BESP and stand-alone selling price
  • Provides robust reporting for metrics and analytics
  • Provides an audit trail


  • Simplifies tracking, reporting and auditing across customers and contracts
  • Reduces audit costs by providing reliable, accurate, consistent data in compliance with current accounting standards and eliminates error-prone spreadsheets
  • Increases efficiency, consistency, and sustainability
  • Allows for quick adaptations to business changes
  • Enables better decision making


  • DXC Revenue Recognition is an extension of Microsoft Dynamics 365 available on the Azure Cloud, private cloud or on premise
  • This fully-integrated solution closes the loop between revenue recognition and contract management
  • The solution can also be purchased as part of SK Global’s Revenue Automation suite. SK Global is the only authorized reseller of DXC’s Revenue Recognition solution.
  • Aligns and integrates your system in a single user interface; integrates with upstream systems (CRM) to originate contracts from completed orders or from completed contracts to orders

DXC Revenue Recognition ACM is the only Dynamics-based solution that integrates and automates end-to-end functions for contracts containing multiple-element arrangements.