Bestmix® ERP Suite

Autor: Bestmix Software N.V.

Bestmix® ERP Suite is an industry-specific ERP solution that has D365fo at its functional core

Bestmix® ERP Suite: The ERP for feed & food businesses

You are in the feed, food, milling or trading industry, so you need an ERP system that automates your most complex business processes. But in addition to automatically streamlining your workflow, your ERP should also help save you money. And that’s exactly what Bestmix® ERP Suite does.

Bestmix® ERP Suite helps you significantly cut your raw material costs, through powerful integration capabilities (formulation/recipe management software, quality assurance software, MES, weighbridges,…) and industry specific modules.

But that’s not all that BESTMIX ERP Suite has to offer.

Combining Bestmix’s industry expertise with the immense power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Bestmix® ERP Suite simplifies your entire workflow, including:

· Procurement and risk management

· Sales and purchase logistics

· Web-based customer care portal

· Warehouse management

· Advanced sales discounts and charges

· Purchase landed cost calculation

· Integrates your formulation software

· Production support

· Recipe and label management

Bestmix® ERP Suite meets the demands of the competitive animal feed sector and empowers you to grow your business, succeed in the marketplace and save money through automation. So take back full control of your business processes, with Bestmix® ERP Suite: the ERP for nutritional industries.

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