OnSite 365 for effective Property Management

Autor: Advania Norge AS

A complete solution for property management with features for streamlining your business processes

OnSite 365 is a complete solution for property management and offers a variety of features aimed at streamlining your business processes. Developed as an add-on for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, a cloud-based solution, OnSite 365 integrates with other Microsoft Dynamics solutions such as Dynamics or sales and Power BI. OnSite 365 enables you to simplify and automate daily property management processes, saving you time and allowing for more effective resource allocation.

OnSite 365 offers a detailed view of all available and rented lease objects in your portfolio. The system also features an interactive drawing module that allows users to import autocad files and divide properties into segments which can then be color coded based on availability or the type of lease.  OnSite 365 also features advanced accounting capabilities and VAT handling. The system enables you to increase efficiency by automating invoice and payment processes, settlement of common cost and price adjustments. Many of these automatic processes can be run simultaneously for all legal entities you operate. OnSite 365 accepts a variety of contract types, giving you the opportunity to do business with different types of customers, such as retailcompanies, rental agencies and workplace providers. OnSite 365 enables you to follow-up on customers and contracts, view upcoming expirations and make multi-tenant processing.

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