AXtension Planning & Control for Manufacturing

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Increase OEE. Evaluate materials, capacity & delivery. Planner in control

AXtension Planning & Control for Manufacturing

With AXtension Planning & Control, you are in control of your production planning by constantly validating three main factors:
    1. Do you have enough inventory to start?
    2. Do your resources have enough capacity to complete the production orders?
    3. Are you delivering on time?
With these insights, the solution helps making decisions in prioritizing make-to-order, engineer-to-order and make-to-stock orders. It is all about putting the planner in control of his plan.

Production Planner:

“AXtension Planning & Control helps me during my planning to validate if we have sufficient capacity and materials to confirm orders. I can easily assign jobs and operations to different resources and rearrange these to deliver the most effective plan without conflicting with delivery dates.”

Production Manager:

“AXtension Planning & Control helps me to cope with day to day challenges. If we are behind schedule or an order needs to be prioritized I have all to tools to validate our options. These tools help me to communicate to all stakeholders where we are and what we need to do to be successful.”

Sales Manager:

“Since we are using AXtension Planning & Control I noticed my communication with our production department improved. It is much easier and we are more accurate to promise delivery dates to my customer and instead of disappointing them, we are now exceeding expectations.”


“AXtension Planning & Control helps me to see when we can run a first prototype or null-series of a product. The production plan is aligned with my project plan and we no longer have any costly miscommunications resulting in underutilization of our resources. New tooling is available on time and resources are effectively scheduled.”

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