Xe Global Business Payments

Autor: Dandelion Payments, Inc., DBA Xe

Make all your global cross boarder payments directly from your Dynamics 365 Finance Enviro

Simplify and automate your global vendor payment process with a real-time embedded currency solution within Dynamics 365 Finance.

Leaders in FinTech for over 30 years, Xe is once again at the forefront of innovation. Xe has built, created, and launched an end-to-end embedded payments and reconciliation ERP plugin. Wave goodbye to file extraction, upload, and download and say hello to seamless end-to-end payment integration. AP teams will never have to leave their ERP platform to make global payments again – thus reducing manual errors, file corruption, and risk of fraud. Finance leaders can have comfort that Microsoft Dynamics 365 is their ultimate source of truth – as their transactions are booked, captured, and reconciled entirely within the ERP.

Key features and functionality

    • Streamlined end-to-end international payments process within Microsoft Dynamics 365.
    • Real-time reconciliation of accounts payable ledgers. Accurate reporting, including FX gain/loss journal entries.
    • Capture real-time exchange rates straight into your accounting platform at the transaction time, with no more manual updates.
    • Eliminates the creation of multiple bank connections, formats, and payment types.
    • Eliminates direct transmission using SFTP so there's no need for file downloads.
    • Eliminates the need for development work to implement new banking connections.
    • Supports various payment types, including ACH, EFT, SEPA, FPR, and direct connection to SWIFT.
    • Can process multiple currency pairs, all within the Dynamic 365 finance environment.
    • Remittance emails after payments are sent notifying the vendor.
    • One-click integration can be live within 24hrs.

Xe Global Payments is the smartest way to process global vendor payments.
Learn more by visiting our customer help center and case study page.

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