EHS Management

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Environment, Health and Safety Management for Dynamics 365

Integrated Environment, Health and Safety Management for Dynamics 365

EHS Management for Dynamics 365 is a complete environment and health and safety management ISV. It is available in the shape and form that suits your organizational structure and culture. Enabling you to access your incident data, compliance reports, tracking information and much more.

Incident Management

Users can record all the incidents and injuries that occur on site. The incident management features enable complete tracking and control from initial logging through to analysis, closure and claims management.  Incidents data can be structured to suit your organization and process.   Any incident type can be captured such as incidents related to employees, contractors or visitors, environmental incidents, asset damage or security incidents.  With the ability to automatically trigger predefined processes and activities based on the type of incident.
EHS Management is fully integrated with Dynamics 365 Human Resource Management for incidents relating to employees, Asset Management for asset related incidents and Project Management and Accounting for full cost tracking and claims management.  Making the most out of your investment in Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations.  The best thing is the user interface, which is intuitive for even the first-time user.

Risk Management

Manage risks like never before. You can create task and risk-specific controls using this module. Assign the control of the risk to the responsible party and automate reminders so they can close the issue within the given deadline.

Corrective Action Management

Giving out corrective actions is not enough. You have to track all the corrective actions that you have issued, those that have expired, and any with special comments. Moreover, send alerts to the employees to inform them of corrective actions and their expiration.

Audits and Checklists

Make internal and external audits a breeze. Ensure in-depth and complete audits with the help of audits and checklists functionality. It is a perfect tool that allows users to track and complete tasks that have been completed. With this feature, you can rest assured that your audit will complete error-free.

Recording Meetings

You can record all health & safety meetings with your workers for safety and compliance.

Management of Training

In addition to recording your meetings, you should also be able to train your workers amply. Record employee competencies using integration of skills and certificates with Dynamics 365 Human Resources.

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