E-Bank Automator

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E-Bank Automator enables you to import & account bank account statements in several formats

E-Bank Automator is a solution that enables you to import and account by taking bank account statements in several formats such as MT940/MT942 (international electronic account statement format), SETA, BAI2 in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.

MT940/MT942 is international electronic account statement format that enables the creation of pre-defined standard format of breakdown for your account transactions. With E-Bank, you can transfer your account transactions for all banks to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations without any bank restriction.

The account statements in MT940/MT942 format that you can easily import into the system from a specified folder can be automatically saved to the system as bank transactions without the bank constraint. At the MT940/MT942 file there is transaction code on line 61 and descriptions on line 86. The arrival customer, vendor, bank and general accounting accounts of the related bank transaction are found according to the transaction code and explanations in these lines. While doing this operation, the transaction code in line 61 and the descriptions in line 86 are questioned according to the parametrically determined rules and then posting is performed.

If account that is related a transaction cannot be automatically found at the time of file transfer, the arrival account type and arrival account can be manually selected, and the posting process can be made without posting the transfer data. In case of that the account is not found automatically at the time of the transfer, the relevant bank transaction is taken into an bridge account and the data in the bridge account can be brought to a different form and the accounts of the relevant transaction can be manually selected and posted on this screen.

Thus, data in MT940/MT942 format coming from banks has become available to the system.

What are the advantages of E-Bank Automator?

  • It offers the ability to examine, change and save account transactions on a single form.
  • It saves time, minimizes error margin
  • It provides the ease of operation from the D365 Finance and Operations screens without a separate interface
  • No extra server requirements
  • It simplifies the tracking of your account transactions
  • It can be import different transaction types such as money transfer, eft, credit card collection.

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