TimeLogiq for Dynamics 365 for Operations

Autor: Loki Systems Inc.

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Time, Attendance and Advanced Scheduling solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations ERP

TimeLogiq is a time and attendance cloud-based solution that gives you quick access to your employees’ time and attendance information providing more insight – when you need it – to manage people better. It is an integrated Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations solution that links with Project Management & Accounting, Human Resources, Resource Calendar, and LOKI’s Advanced Payroll solution.

TimeLogiq simplifies the assignment of rotations, manages leave requests, sends time records to payroll for processing, and updates employee time records in various Dynamics modules. Employees can review and update their own schedules and check vacation bank balances. Managers can view unit schedules, manage leave requests from their team, assign new rotations, and more.

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