Xe Global Business Payments

Autor: Euronet Worldwide, Inc.

Simplify your international vendor payments by using Xe.

Does your business make global payments? 

If your business is making international payments then you may find the process manual, time consuming and costly. 

The Xe application gives your business access to global payment capabilities to 130+ countries at competitive exchange rates directly from the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.

This application can save you time and money when making your international payments with: 

  • Streamlined end-to-end international payments process within Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Real-time reconciliation of transactions for more accurate reporting 
  • Capture real-time exchange rates at time of transaction straight into your accounting platform 
  • Preferential exchange rates so you pay less than you typically would with your bank
  • Eliminates manual processes and human error
  • Quick setup and dedicated customer support
  • $0 licensing or implementation fees for the application 

Xe is the smarter way to send money globally. 

Learn more by viewing our customer 1-pager and case study.

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