RSM Retail WMS Integration

Autor: RSM Product Sales LLC

Integrate Dynamics 365 with a 3rd Party WMS more efficiently, using a low code/no code middleware.

Integrations with 3rd party WMS applications can require a lot of time and technical resources. Using RSM’s WMS Integration Accelerator value can be delivered faster with less risk using pre-built integrations. Application roles and responsibilities can be determined faster leveraging tried and true process flows. Data mapping can be completed faster between systems using pre-defined templates that enable developer productivity and accelerate delivery.

Shifting transformation processing to a low code/no code middleware improves organizational agility and allows for value to be realized more quickly to ultimately enable a more resilient supply chain.

Leveraging existing integrations that plug into D365 Commerce’s out of the box WMS capabilities to handle WMS functionality reduces risk and cost.

Pre-Built Integration Points from D365:

    • Items (Products)
    • Vendors
    • Purchase Orders
    • Sales Order
    • ASNs

Pre-Built Integration Points to D365:

    • Purchase Order Receipts
    • Inventory Adjustments
    • Inventory Updates (Sync)
    • Packing Slip
    • Returned Products (RMA Receipts)

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