HEADSTART for IEM and ETO Industry on Dynamics 365

Autor: Sikich, LLP.

An enhanced pre-configured solution for industrial equipment, ETO and complex project manufacturers.

Sikich HEADSTART is an operational version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management that is based on current best practices, configured specifically for the equipment or engineer-to-order (ETO) manufacturer.
Sikich HEADSTART for industrial equipment manufacturers (IEM) means that within a few short months, you'll be in the system and able to start end to end testing of your new ERP system.
Our offer includes:
- More than 19 major business workflows, fully configured
- Over 3,500 documented processes
- A Power BI starter pack of industry specific insights
- A functioning chart of accounts with all the posting logic set up
- Everything you need for automated regression testing including a full set of test cases
- Built in synchronization with Azure Dev Ops (ADO) for tracking work items, test cases, and RSAT
- Several foundational "best of breed" ISV solutions that immediately address some of the special needs of the industry not available out of the box, also configured and documented
- A sample import of your data, enough to get you working
- Design blueprint for optional addition integrations with Dynamics 365 Field Service, Dynamics 365 Sales, Experlogix's CPQ engine and Bluestar's integrated product lifecycle management (PLM) application
- A fixed priced bundle of professional services, designed to get you to your first guided conference room pilot
- Catalyst envisioning workshop

In Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS), our business process libraries maintain over 3,500 documented processes for Configuration, Transaction and Analysis.
These processes are synced to ADO in addition to our project management library for capability to manage the project complete with Dashboards and visualizations.

Give your ERP Implementation project a real head start with, Sikich HEADSTART, an implementation accelerator for equipment and complex manufacturers.

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