Sitecore Connect™ for Dynamics 365 Commerce

Autor: Sitecore

Combine best of breed commerce with best of breed digital asset management (DAM).

Modern digital experiences that convert rely on a rich base of content to provide support the millions of personalized experiences needed to give each customer the exact right experience at every step of their shopping experience. Anything less means losing to the competition.

With Sitecore Connect™ for Dynamics 365 Commerce, your full Content Hub content library becomes fully searchable and accessible within the page editing environment of Dynamics 365 Commerce, to quickly and easily build and enrich any aspect of your commerce storefronts, and keep them fresh and impactful over time.

 Easily locate, select, and add brand-approved images, videos and documents from an intelligent global digital asset library, and track the impact of each content element you’re using. Understand specifically what content is really moving the needle on site performance. The Integrated user interface also proactively points out to your commerce and digital teams specifically where new or alternative images and content is available - across your full product line.


Achieve next-level commerce performance and ease of management:


·        With powerful content search and tagging, locating and applying the right creative for the right promotion doesn’t have to be hard anymore.

 ·        Reduce admin time and boost conversion rates with more relevant, fresh product content.

 ·        Leverage edge-speed site performance from Microsoft and Sitecore, and do away with slow page load speeds.

 ·        Quickly and easily perform secure previews.

 ·        Ensure lightning-fast page load speed with robust caching for both Microsoft and Sitecore content elements.

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