Agri Commodity Sourcing and Trading Platform

Autor: Sonata Software Ltd.

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An advanced commodity sourcing and trading management system integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365

The world relies on a continuous and steady supply of commodities, from the chemicals and minerals used to sustain manufacturing and all forms of energy to drive it, to the agricultural products we put on our table. Commodity CTRM provides a strong, rigorous yet flexible solution to traders and manufacturers managing complex commodity supply chains.

Sonata Scalable CTRM gives access to all contract and financial information in one place, visible to everyone in the organization. Provides real-time updating of all actions to improve data sharing between departments and streamline internal communications.

Sonata Scalable Commodity CTRM offers a complete, end-to-end cloud-based commodity trading solution developed to meet the demands of trading and manufacturing in: Softs, Stockfeed, Grains & Oil Seeds, Bio-energy, Metals & Scrap, Food & Beverages.

Who needs it:
For Traders:
  • Management of positions - forward contracts and inventory holdings
  • More accurate costings of inventory holdings based on material prices plus additional costs with quality adjustments and accurate landed cost
For logistics:
  • Integration to carriers, commodity exchanges and weigh bridge
For finance:
  • Integrated financial controls, management and reporting
  • Accrual framework for all ancillary costs without need to prepare individual POs for costs e.g. freight, agent fees, document charges
  • Sell product using CTRM contracts or ERP sales orders
  • Integration to production and finance for immediate financial visibility and cost accruals and allocations
  • Manages growers as customers. Apps for growers, with all contract related inform
  • For Manufacturers:
  • Closer links between production demand and procurement of raw materials
  • Planning, forecasting and scheduling of raw material deliveries to match production/processing requirements
  • Trading and eCommerce portals
A powerful tool to execute contracts, manage risk and fully track financials, seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Dynamics365 Finance and Operations.
More than a stand-alone module, Sonata Agri Commodity forms part of a vertically integrated, digital-ready platform for commodity-led businesses. Commodity contracts are managed to ensure cost controls and logistics processes match the day-to-day demands of raw materials procurement. Manufacturers and traders can better manage contracts and reduce risk with:
More accurate costing
Multiple methods of commodity pricing and invoicing
Visibility across all departments, improving efficiency and accuracy across the supply chain

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