Carbon Theme for Dynamics 365 Commerce

Autor: Visionet Systems, Inc

Carbon is an intuitive user experience theme for your Dynamics 365 Commerce storefront

Carbon is a web-store theme that modern retailers can apply to their Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce digital storefronts. Carbon’s clean and elegant user experience provides an immersive and interactive way to organize and present product lists, product details, and on-screen controls on your online store.
Visionet’s Carbon theme is easily customizable and streamlines your brand’s online customer experience across all flows of the web-store.

Key Feature
Intuitively add rich content on home page including carousels and product categories
More visible and user-friendly search controls
More products visible above the fold on product list pages
Highly visible controls for product size, color swatches, and quantity on product detail pages
More organized and user-friendly cart page
Enhanced checkout experience
Mobile-friendly, responsive visual design
Prominent toggle buttons in checkout for shipping and pickup 
Intuitively positioned product carousel buttons
Interactive user registration and My Account section
Key Benefits
Product and customer-centric user experience improves conversion rates
User-friendly checkout experience reduces time to purchase and cart abandonment
Enhanced visibility of product options improves usability
Redesigned filter controls optimize screen space for displaying products
Consistent user interface simplifies navigation

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