Integrated Quality Management

Autor: XcelPros

Integrated Quality Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O - Complaints, CAPA, Deviations

Integrated Quality Management is an embedded solution integrating Complaints, Corrective Action and Preventative Actions (CAPA), and Deviation management into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. Mainly encompassing the following features:

  1. End-to-end processing of Complaints:

    • Creation of Complaints
    • Approval of Complaints
    • Printing of Complaints
    • Versioning of Complaints
    • Archiving of Complaints
    • Management of Complaints
    • Audit of Complaints
  2. End-to-end processing of Corrective Action and Preventative Actions (CAPA):

    • Creation of CAPA
    • Approval of CAPA
    • Printing of CAPA
    • Versioning of CAPA
    • Archiving of CAPA
    • Management of CAPA
    • Audit of CAPA
  3. End-to-end processing of Deviations:

    • Creation of Deviations
    • Approval of Deviations
    • Printing of Deviations
    • Versioning of Deviations
    • Archiving of Deviations
    • Management of Deviations
    • Audit of Deviations
  4. Workspaces for Complaints, Deviations, CAPA

  5. Logs and reports for Complaints, Deviations, CAPA

  6. Workflows for Complaints, Deviations, CAPA

  7. Document management for Complaints, Deviations, CAPA

  8. Security roles to process Complaints, Deviations, CAPA

  9. Infrastructure to integrate with Power BI to build analytical reports for Complaints, Deviations, CAPA

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