Arbela Revenue Planner

Arbela Technologies Corp.

Monitor short-term and long-term performance of sales and connect estimated and recognized revenue.

If you’re dealing with multi-stage, extended-duration projects or programs, there is a host of external and internal variables (e.g., market fluctuations, supply chain disruptions, staffing changes, and more) that can make forecasting based on “expected sales” into a rather risky proposition. 
Arbela Revenue Planner is the ideal solution to extend Dynamics 365 Sales, and improves both the accuracy of your forecasting data, and the ability to act on it, too. Users can track and compare planned, booked, and actual revenue from a variety of sources and time intervals. Planned revenue corresponds to estimates and forecasts, booked revenue corresponds to committed sales from signed customer agreements, and actual revenue corresponds to payments received from customers.

Evolve the forecasting of your business with the ability to:
  • Track planned, booked, and actual revenue from a variety of sources
  • Relate revenue to accounts, contacts, and opportunities
  • Copy or split revenue over one to many time intervals
  • Group and aggregate revenue by user-defined categories
  • Create related revenue in bulk from the form command bar
  • Compare revenue by date, type, and category
  • View monthly, quarterly, and annual revenue trends
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