Reinventing CRM for Industries with AI

C3 AI CRM powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the first enterprise-class, AI-first CRM (customer relationship management) solution that is purpose-built for industries. C3 AI CRM integrates with Adobe Experience Cloud and drives customer-facing operations with predictive AI-based insights. C3 AI CRM helps sales, marketing, and customer professionals grow pipeline, accelerate revenues, and increase lifetime value.

Combining the market-leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM software with Adobe’s leading suite of customer experience management solutions and’s enterprise AI capabilities, C3 AI CRM is the world’s first AI-driven, industry-specific CRM built with a modern AI-first architecture. C3 AI CRM integrates and unifies vast amounts of structured and unstructured data from enterprise and extraprise sources into a unified, industry data image to drive real-time predictive insights across the entire revenue supply chain, from contact to cash.

C3 AI CRM applies AI and advanced machine learning to deliver powerful, industry-optimized AI use cases, including precision sales forecasting, lead scoring, next best offer, pricing optimization, customer churn management, conversation intelligence, and more. C3 AI CRM employs an AI-first approach to guide and coach users through every step of industry-specific workflows, including prioritizing where to focus, recommending what to do next, presenting evidence for the AI recommendations, and optimizing the best time and avenue to engage prospects and customers.

C3 AI CRM is powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365, and provides the strength of Microsoft's products underneath, including Azure, the Power Platform, and Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise. It offers the scalable AI infrastructure from Azure, no-code configurability of the Power Platform, and leading sales CRM functionality of Dynamics 365 such as lead management, CPQ, and sales forecasting.

C3 AI CRM is built to address industry-specific data requirements and AI-first workflows for the financial services, healthcare, telecommunications, oil & gas, manufacturing, utilities, aerospace, automotive, public sector, defense, and intelligence industries.

 Customers of C3 AI CRM are able to increase value of their CRM with AI, accelerate time to value of their implementations leveraging pre-built industry capabilities, and benefit from the proven and leading ecosystem of Microsoft and Adobe.

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