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Customer Service for Financial Services

C Centric Solutions Pvt Ltd

Customer Service for Financial Services


Enhance customer experience through streamlined service processes  

Our Customer Service Management Solution is custom-built for Financial Services institutions and enables them to provide exceptional customers experience across all channels, make the service process more streamlines and increase customer satisfaction level. Some of the features of the solution are:

PURPOSE-BUILT FOR EACH INDUSTRY - The system comes with specific templates, screens, workflows, processes, data models and integration framework for the following verticals:

  1. Banking
  2. Insurance
  3. Mutual fund
  4. NBFCs

TRULY OMNI-CHANNEL- our unified communication platform allows your customers to reach out through their preferred channel – Email, Branches, Kiosk, Phone, CTI, SMS, Website, Social media etc.

FLEXIBLE ASSIGNMENT – Being able to assign the right query to the right team is the key to quick and efficient query resolution. Our system allows you to define very complex assignment logics (branch based, skill based, category based, customer based or completely ad-hoc) through a very easy interface.

EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT OF TURN-AROUND TIME – a template-driven approach allows users to define the TAT metrices the way they want it. It can be based on service type, customer type, the customer satisfaction rating, or any combination of such parameters.

DEFINE INTERNAL SLA- for cases that move between departments for its resolution, you can define SLA for each participating department. This helps monitor inefficiencies, bottlenecks and process gaps and rectify them.

AUTOMATE CUSTOMER COMMUNICATION -at each stage of the service resolution process. The customer gets automated but personalized and context-sensitive emails, SMS and notifications based on events in the case lifecycle (creation, assignment, info requirement, closure, feedback etc.)

DEFINE ESCALATION MATRIX - If TAT is breached (or nearing the deadline), automatic notifications and reminders are generated in the CRM dashboards, through real-time emails and SMS as well as day-end reports. The escalation matrix can be defined by the user for each type of query and ensures that the management gets to know about service level breaches immediately.

MONITOR SERVICE PERFORMANCE – monitor all aspects of service performance through prebuilt charts, dashboards and reports. Apart from the standard reports and dashboards that ships with the solution, the users can create their own dynamic dashboards, filters and views.