Springboard Start - Sales Productivity

Autor: Cloud2020

Sales productivity suite based on Dynamics 365 giving SMBs sales teams the competitive edge

Based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Professional platform, Springboard Sales Productivity suite is aimed at business with 5+ sales team who want to accelerate their competitive edge and manage their sales pipeline in a focused and targeted way.
Linked to Outlook for natural interaction with emails, SharePoint for secure document storage against Accounts, Contacts, Lead and Opportunities and Teams for collaboration, Springboard helps to ensure higher sales conversion rates and greater productivity.
Springboard bring enterprise-level sales productivity to the SMB arena at reduced monthly costs with a scalable and upgradable platform as the business grows.
If you are still using Excel spreadsheets to manage your customers, key accounts, leads and opportunities then Springboard will bring visibility to your sales efforts, efficiency to prosecuting leads and greater conversions of opportunities.

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