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Project Management App

CloudFronts Technologies

Project Management App for Small & Medium Professional Services Organizations

The Project Management App developed by CloudFronts leverages Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement and caters to your needs to manage projects and resource within the organization.

It provides transparency within the organization with easy access to resources and their allocations, thereby promising better utilization of resources.

With the Project Management App, you can:

  • Manage Projects: Create projects and manage the entire cycle starting from, adding resources, skillsets, manage tasks and their dependencies and allocating resource.
  • Skillsets: Every project requires members with certain expertise. The Project Management app helps you select members for each project with the required skillsets.
  • Team Selection: Team members can be easily selected by filtering the resources by Availability, Matching Skillsets and the organization teams that they are a part of.
  • Gantt Chart: Create tasks and their dependencies with each other. Also assign resources for each task.
  • Resource Allocation: Monitor the allocations of all the resources within the organization presented in a color-coded format.
  • Timesheets: An easy way to enter Time and Expense entries daily to ensure the organization is not losing billable revenue.
  • Project Invoicing: Generate invoices based the billable Time Entries and Expense Entries made against each task.
  • Reports: Find out valuable information within the organization by running the reports like Budget v/s Actuals, Project Status reports and many more.

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