Healthcare Customer Engagement Framework

Autor: Cognizant

Solution to identify Healthcare plans for members using machine learning and to keep them informed

The Healthcare Framework is created to provide a solution which is powered with Azure machine learning and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing. The goal is to provide an end-to-end enrollment experience along with customized campaigns. ​

Key drivers of this solution include:

    • Member Onboarding​
    • Member Engagement
    • Member Retention​
    • Member Wellness

Cognitive intelligence to gather member insights using Azure Machine Learning:

    • Understand member traits using predictive modelling and machine learning
    • Promote member health with data insights based plans

Personalized member plans using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing & MS Dynamics integration:

    • Deliver personalized offers to members complementing their healthcare plans for effective engagement
    • Utilizing marketing offer engines to churn out relevant offer

Automated customer journey workflows within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing :

    • Timely reminders, seamless onboarding and engagement across touch points
    • Seamless data interchange between CRM & marketing systems to orchestrate the right customer journey

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