Colibrium Provider Forward

Autor: Colibrium

Provider Forward™ allows a carrier to track & manage all aspects of their provider relationships

Colibrium's Forward™ Apps are designed to customize the Microsoft Dynamics platform specifically to the health insurance industry. Each app provides a structured profile of the member, broker or provider that tracks all interactions and information, building a comprehensive history of these most important audiences. That information is tracked and integrated into Microsoft Dynamics, including raw data, analytics and meta-analytics, and put into 1 complete view of the member, broker or provider. This provides your service agents with context to better interact with your customers and allows your sales team to operate more efficiently. This complex profile serves as the foundation for a service and sales-oriented analytics platform where the member, broker or provider relationship can be easily managed across the entire lifecycle, and insights can be gathered for immediate action. From network inception, provider certification, and provider support, to claims processing and payment, Provider Forward™ allows carriers to model and manage their relationships with their providers across networks and segments. Determine best next steps, generate targeted outreach lists, track all communication, and use the inherent communication tools within Microsoft Dynamics or connected call center phone and chat systems. Our solution is entirely built in the .NET stack and hosted in the Azure cloud making it 100% Microsoft compatible. With over a decade of health payer experience and health insurance industry focus, our expertise is what sets us apart. Easily integrated and customized, the Forward™ Apps by HGS Colibrium bring much needed healthcare-specific extensions to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform.

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