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CustomerGauge helps enterprises maximise opportunities for upsell and reduce the chance of churn.

CustomerGauge for Dynamics helps enterprises leverage their investment in Dynamics 365 by maximising opportunities for upsell and reducing the chance of churn. It is designed to give enterprise account teams customer feedback at their fingertips.

What’s included:

1) Sync Account Experience Data:
  • Synchronise Accounts, Contacts, and Activities from Dynamics 365 to CustomerGauge.

  • Allow Account Managers to track absence of account activity using CRM operations data in combination with customer feedback.

2) Trigger Feedback Collection:
  • Trigger survey invitations from Dynamics 365 to CustomerGauge.

  • Collect customer feedback in real time across all customer touchpoints and departments.

  • Follow a guided process to set up a tailored configuration best suited for your needs.

  • Connect multiple Dynamics feeder systems to one CustomerGauge system.

3) Enrich Dynamics with Customer Feedback:
  • Enrich your CRM data in Dynamics 365 in real-time with customer feedback from CustomerGauge.

  • Provide front-line Account Managers a 360 degree view of the health of their accounts.

  • Be in control of the feedback data that is pushed back to Dynamics 365. Choose if you would like to share all data with Dynamics 365 or only certain segments of feedback data etc.

4) Initiate Workflow in Dynamics:
  • Leverage CustomerGauge’s feedback data to trigger close the loop process in Dynamics 365. Use existing case management rules and processes.

  • Benefit from CustomerGauge’s smart alerting system to receive alerts when a new response comes through or if a customer has not responded to the survey invitation.

  • Broadcast customer feedback to a wider audience in the business via Microsoft Teams.

5) Manage your CG Connector & Diagnostics:
  • Have full control to change the data flow process as the organization evolves.

  • Leverage real-time diagnostics, and failure alert emails for quick troubleshooting of errors.

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