DQ for Dynamics

Autor: DQ Global

Advanced Data Management Solution to Match, Master, Merge & Maintain your CRM Records.

DQ Global provides a complete range of data management services which enable forward thinking managers to solve problems at every level and every stage of their data management journey. 

Our DQ for Dynamics™ solution has been designed to tackle the day to day frustrations faced by Database Administrators, Marketing and Sales Professionals and Business Analysts.  We often hear users feel:

  • Powerless when tackling hundred or thousands of duplicates records with the out of the box duplicate merge tool
  • Concerned with data compliance or reputational risk
  • Lack of CRM user adoption leading to reduced customer experience
  • Frustrated with skewed data analytics and reporting from their poor quality CRM data. 
  • Unwilling to migration or perform system upgrades with low quality CRM data.

Therefore, DQ for Dynamics™ has been developed to increase the trust in your customer data. It is designed to:

  • Find duplicates fast using our advanced fuzzy searching logic and data transforms 
  • Manually review multiple duplicate records side by side, to first perfect and then merge duplicate records
  • Automate the process of merging records to reduce manual touch points
  • Ultimately, leaving you with a single, high quality, mastered Golden Record or Single Customer View.

Previous clients have seen improvements in:

  • CRM user adoptions leading to better data input
  • Data analysis and reporting leading to more personalised marketing campaigns
  • Compliance resulting in increased user confidence

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