Modernize your agency and gain better insight with an integrated case management solution.

<p>DXC Justice Case Management includes a suite of functionality that can be implemented at all levels of the judicial system to manage cases, schedule trials, track and manage case materials and case participants, assess fines and fees, and produce reports.</p>   <p>Easy access to and management of all relevant case information is provided through a single, consolidated case management screen. This includes all relevant case details: case number, case title, division, case type, case participants, court date and location, arrest details, traffic ticket details, charges, fees, case history—including all case activities and associated documents, and case notes. </p>  <p>DXC Justice Case Management assigns cases to judges using automated workflows, manages scheduling of trial dates and pretrial conferences, and integrates the court-and-case calendar with the judge’s private calendar. Scheduling of subsequent hearings and status calls is easy to do. The system automatically calculates the next five available openings on the judge’s calendar, simplifying the process of finding a date and time that works for all involved parties.</p>
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